Thanks to others we excel

How do we succeed? It is through others’ help.

Success Inspirers World

“Talent whether inborn or cultivated needs to be worked on consistently, in order to achieve supremacy.”

(Kavita Panyam).

king_hand_photoHave you ever been blind to opportunities surrounding you and somebody came along and opened your eyes and enabled you to see what you were not able to see? It just happened to me. I had enormous opportunities that I was blind to and went searching for opportunities all over the place. I even cried out against the lack of opportunities.

Do you know what happened?

Along came a loving friend with a loving heart. His name: Coughlins Homespun Yarns. He passed his hand on my eyes, wiped them and they opened.

Hear his words: “I support and encourage you in this project (publishing quotable quotes by contemporary writers every week). You speak of requiring resources to spread these inspiring words. It occurs to me you have the most valuable resource already…

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