The Responsibility of Aiding the Disabled as a Retail Employee

Shop Girl Anonymous

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2:50 PM

It was a bitter cold Tuesday afternoon as my Grandmother, my daughter, and I made it into Target to pick up my husband’s prescription. Although my grandmother at the spry age of 86 is incredibly healthy, can hear better than I can, and can see to the ends of the Earth, she does struggle to walk long distances after throwing her back out about four years ago caring for my late grandfather. There is no blessing to her like the blessing of an electric scooter provided in large grocers like Target. She feels so free and able to take on the world. The wait for the prescription would be 30 minutes so we decided to pick up a few staple items we needed at the house. I had my daughter in a basket as I picked up diapers and grandmother went on to pick…

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