Writers quote- Emily Dickinson

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It’s writers quote Wednesday again and this time I chose to share a quote from Emily Dickinson. I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time I’ld be submitting an Emily quote, but the wisdom behind her words really, is astonishing, I can’t resist the urge not to share it.

Emily Dickinson was a loner for the majority of her life, rarely seen  in public and hence only fewer than a dozen of her poems ever saw the light of publication during her lifetime. Upon her death, it is said that over 1800 poems were found, written by her. Emily’s poems are known for their brevity, slant rhymes and my favorite, dash-filled lines which still baffles critics as to its significance.

Back to the quote; I had so many quotes to choose from but I was more inclined to the above. I mean, this is Emily Dickinson, one of…

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