No More Mental Kung-Fu

mother of nine9

Posted on my fridge right at my eye level (I’m 5’1″) are quotes that are key to my sanity. When I feel at my wit’s end, this quote makes me laugh and cuts through stress.
One in four people are mentally unbalanced.
Think of three friends.
If they seem fine,
You’re the one.
I never fail to smile, even after reading these lines hundreds of times. This reaction pushes worry to the side. When I don’t take myself too seriously by entertaining the thought that I might be slightly unbalanced, I immediately stop over reacting. My worries are now put into perspective.
Laughter is the best way to snap out of melodrama.
Cognitive therapists love to tell us not to ‘make a mountain out of a mole hill’, however there are times when everything actually is even worse than it seems, times when our world really does shatter. What…

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