No use having light unless you open the curtains. (Flash fiction)

Song Bird Songs


“It’s no use having light if you don’t open the curtains. Look it’s a beautiful day outside!”

Sometimes her sister’s sunny disposition would get Amber down. She looked on rebelliously as Sarah drew back the drapes and light flooded into the dingy bedsit. “It was easy for her,” she muttered inwardly, she had it all, a good solid relationship, cute kids, a great job… She’d be happy too if she had what Sarah had, but then it had always been that way since they were kids, Sarah always seemed to get the breaks.

“Look, why don’t we go out for a coffee? I know this great place by the river. Come on, you can’t stay boxed up in here forever.”

Amber didn’t answer, reluctant to stir herself. Sarah sat down beside her placing an arm around her shoulders.

“I know it’s hard Amber but life goes on. It’s not like…

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