Shine on lovely one!

Success Inspirers World

krShine on!
Whatever your adversities in life,
Shine on!
As the days fly by and you grow older,
Shine on!
In your blogging and writing,
              Shine on!
In your studies if you are a student,DSC_0000144
Shine on!
As a parent in your parenting,
Shine on!
As a child in your family, school and work,
Shine on!

Camera 360
In whatever thing you do today or tomorrow,

Shine on!
As you are already doing,
Shine on!
Everywhere you go,
Shine on!
Every day of your life,
Shine on!

                                                     IMG_20141223_143758   Shine on! Shine on!  Shine on! Shine on!                                              …

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