Not sure what the cowboy as to do with this but… (Americans please enlighten me?)

Rights and Responsibility comes together.

Song Bird Songs


Saw this on a US friend’s FB page. Aside from the cowboy, this seemed equally valid for many places. I noted a comment saying “when you teach rights you get rebellion where you teach responsibility you get revival” (another interesting point.) I’m not sure I agree with the latter but I do feel that it’s a package deal, rights come along with responsibilities. Take the right to free speech and the “I am Charlie” campaign (don’t get me started on that one!) Or a right to vote, to free medical care, to make the 100’s of choices we make every day as free citizens.

I am very much a defender of “rights” and social justice. My grand father, an idealist, was one of the first trade unionists back in the time when such things were dangerous and illegal. Being an avid history student I’ve studied at length Britain’s slow painful…

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