Morality… where did u flew

Can we rejoice for those who are blessed?



Morality… where did you flew

I am the daughter of villagers. My parents when sit with me, told me the stories of 1950s. When they get back into that time, all they talk about is Simplicity, Sincerity, Honesty and Faithfulness.

My mom tells me that there were times when in their village, everyone was so poor. They could hardly afford bread alone to eat. But if one of them is eating bread than they used to make it sure that every family in village had bread and none of them sleeps hungry.

She says, if she knew that one family doesn’t have anything to eat at night, she’d personally go to every family and ask them to contribute one piece of bread each for them so by the end of the day they all can have dinner too.

I wonder what times were they when more than their own hunger…

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