Try again! 

Linds and Daze Choosing Happiness

How many times do we become disappointed because once again things fell through or our life plans didn’t work out the way we planned?

First of all, don’t forget that we ALL go through this – even the people that seem to get everything so easily!!

Instead of always feeling like things never go your way, or you have bad luck, or just ways just seem to get the crap end of the stick…… Why not try something new!!

Try changing some something in your life, or change your perspective on something that you aren’t happy with.

I can’t promise that anything will change, or that things will happen, but what if it did? If you don’t take that chance you will never know!

My challenge is to take something that you are not happy with in your life, and try something new!!! Worst case nothing happens. Best case, you…

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