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Can we choose choose peace, unity, love and hope?


Today is an important day to remember that you get back exactly what you give out. There is energy all around us, an ebb and flow of give and take. If you give off resistance, you invite resistance back into your life. If you offer respect and humility, that same humility and respect will be returned to you. We have to be very cautious and remember that what we focus on is what we get more of. We do have control over what we bring into this world. We shape it with our thoughts and actions but it is imperative to be painfully honest with ourselves. Do we fight for tolerance while at the same time being intolerant ourselves? There is no justification to skirt around this. The truth doesn’t change to fit your agenda. You cannot apply labels to someone else and excuse that same behavior for yourself because…

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Mary Baker Eddy: A Voice for Progress

Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

In preparing for the Women’s March today,  I’ve found myself drawn to the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science church. Her words are as timely today as they were when she first began her exploration of Christian Science 150 years ago. She talks of women’s rights, oppression, social injustice, and the need to protect freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. She writes that “Progress is the law of God…” and writes, “… there is never a retrograde step, never a return to positions outgrown.” Her words bring me hope and help prepare my heart for the journey that lies ahead for us – not just today, but in the coming months. 

Here are some of the thoughts from Mary Baker Eddy that have inspired me this morning:

“The conclusion cannot now be pushed, that women have no rights that man is bound to respect…

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Something Fishy!

I don’t agree with the way the husband and wife does. However, this happens in a lot of cases. Can’t we be more careful with our words and even actions?


Hello Everyone,


He was ringing the door bell continuously for about 7 minutes but no response.  He was fuming at his wife, tried to call her on her mobile but same result – no response.  Tired of standing at the door and receiving no response he went back to office where he had kept an extra set of keys for emergency situation.  Throughout the drive to and fro he was thinking where his wife could have gone, how could she be so irresponsible to not to respond neither to the door bell nor to the calls.  Husband, in his thoughts “what kind of behaviour is this?  She knows that I would be hungry and tired but she doesn’t care for me.  I am sure she might have gone to some friend’s place or shopping.  I am fed up with all this”.  Not even once the thought of his wife…

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Candles Online

The grey hairs of old age,

Speak of warmth, wisdom and worth,

Tiding over winds from,

The east, west, south and north.

Parched by the scorching summer heat,

They never did accept defeat,

Knowing that their youthful feet,

Would soon clamor for resting sweet.

With the pattering of rain,

They did not seek any shelter vain,

Soaked to their skin,

They toiled for their beloved kin.

Braving the harsh winters,

There never were any whimpers,

Awhile providing for their nestlings,

Amidst all life’s rumblings.

Their springs and autumns,

Never fetched them breaks,

From caring and bearing,

For their munchkins – dear darlings.

As the seasons pass by,

With the fading of the glow,

They become too slow,

And for some it indeed is a massive blow!

Leading tiny hands,

Once they watched the dog and pony show,

Clutching on to lifeless staffs now,

They simply feel the cool breeze blow.

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